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We are now accepting video content submissions. You can explore the photography categories for a good idea of the types of photography content we wish to publish. You do not have to submit a descriptive text with a video, although if you wish to do so, you must ensure that it is original (not published elsewhere with or without the video), and no longer than 500 words. If you wish to supply any complementary still image content for publication alongside the video itself then please notify your wish to do so. Please ensure that any image(s) are at least 1024 pixels wide. Please note that any contributions in the form of news must be current, with video content preferably no older than 3 months prior to date of publication at

Example of a NEWS article (in this case publicising an upcoming or current exhibition):

Example of a FEATURE article (with video and still image content, relevant links, and still image attribution):

To request submission of your news or feature content for publication, or to discuss a future collaborative article you wish to see published on this website, in the first instance please send a message via the contact form. You should expect a reply very shortly thereafter (usually within 24 hours).

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