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Photo above by Jan Alexander from Pixabay
Creative Commons LicenseWorks via our Flickr stream (below) are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic License.

Terms of use
Our free stock photos (presented here via our flickr widget) are free to download and use with attribution. The intellectual property rights of our free stock photos remain with and the “©” copyright symbol should accompany “” in the photo attribution alongside the photo, or this same attribution written within an article associated with use of the photo as an article featured image which would appear on a main blog page pointing to an article (such as on many WordPress blogs like this one).

Our photos are primarily purposed for web, for example to help illustrate news and other articles on websites and blogs. They may be used according to the license terms for any other non-commercial purpose.

The terms of the Creative Commons license attached means that you can also republish the image with your own changes and enhancements, for example in cropped and/or color converted form, and do so without indicating that this has been done to the original. However, the license does not permit sharing or distributing the image in any altered form (“no derivatives”), and the image – either in original or other form – cannot be used for any commercial purpose such as use in general graphic design, website templates, advertising etc. Our images must be not be used as part of stock collections on other websites nor offered for sale on such or other websites or through any other means.

The Best free stock photography

Download quality high resolution photos

Dreamstime is one of the most well established microstock agencies offering both paid and free high resolution stock, as well as many CC0 licensed public domain images. Here is a selection of the latest photos from Dreamstime’s ever growing free image collection.

The best sites for exclusively free public domain CC0 licensed high resolution stock photos

There are countless sources of free stock photos online but only a limited number offer free high resolution CC0 (no copyright) licensed stock exclusively. They are ideal for free stock photos for your blog and much more.

Please note that if you chose to republish even completely free stock images such as those under the Creative Commons CC0 or other license, you must ensure that the person or entity who has supplied a particular image under such a license has done so legitimately. Also be aware that if an image you intend to use depicts recognisable people, private property, corporate brands, logos or trademarks, or restricted landmarks, that image may require an applicable model or property release or appropriate prior permission to publish. Always exercise due diligence before deciding to use any free image, especially if intended for commercial use. Read this article and this one too for some good information and advice. Excepting our own free stock photos (accessible through this website and our Flickr and other social media accounts), all free (non-sponsored) stock sources listed on this page or elsewhere on this website are for information purposes only and do not imply any type of endorsement.


Absolutely free pictures, all CCO of course and in a searchable database accompanied by many tag keywords to click. Photo by taga.


The place to go if you are looking exclusively for the most free possible high resolution food images. Delicious. Photo by Nazia A (download here).

Free For Commercial Use

Ten categories of “unstock/non-stock” for your perusal, with over 1000 hi-resolution 300dpi images. Photo by Markus Spiske.


Straightforward offering of CC0 stock images with a good selection of categories and subcategories. Photo credit: author unknown/not provided (here).


The emphasis at Freestocks is non-cliché stock, choosing instead to offer an image versatility hard to find elsewhere. Photo by Joanna Malinowska (download here).

Good Free Photos

Exactly what it says on the tin – free public domain photos – all supplied by photographers which include the creator of the site, with an emphasis on travel stock. Photo by didier.camus (flickr), & via the website.

ISO Republic

Highly curated collections of CC0 images across popular categories including art. Photo by Mathias Appel.


Created by photographer Martin Vorel who conceded that he didn’t do photography just to fill up hard disks. Hence this. Photo by Martin Vorel.

Life of Pix

If you are looking for a bit of extra life to your free stock photos you have come to the right place at Life of Pix. Photo by Paul Bernhardt (download here).

FOCA (formerly MMT)

Photographer Jeffrey Betts (this photo here) set up MMT Stock to give back to the online community, with continuing new work across multiple categories and collections.

Negative Space

Sixteen categories of beautiful high resolution free stock photos to explore, with images also searchable by color. Photo by Mathias Appel.

Photostock Editor

Weekly updated collection of free photos which can be viewed by category. Photo credit: author unknown/not provided (here).


A premium selection of free stock with downloadable weekly photo bundles and mega pack. Photo credit: author unknown/not provided (here).


Beautiful, varied and growing collection of images with twelve categories to explore including cultural, fashion and street photography. Photo by Humphrey Muleba (download here).


Comprehensive selection of good quality free stock images with which to do as you wish, organized by collections, tags, and even the specific cameras they were shot with. Photo by Mareefe.

Realistic Shots

New photos every week here, all making up popular categories in the forms of architecture, nature, people, travel and technology. Photo by Luis Llerena (download here).


Relatively small but perfectly formed website established by two Dutch photographers. Offers a wide range of subject matter across fourteen categories from animals to textures. Photo by Peter Heeling (download here).


Nicely presented bespoke site offering a small range of free photo fare including a few space images. Photo by InstaWalli.

Snapwire Snaps

Oodles of Tumbled CC0 goodness to explore from this well known source of free stock. Photo by Kara Schumacher (download here).


One of the finest sources of very high quality CC0 images available with hundreds of new ones coming along each week. Photo by Elliott Chau (download here).

Also visit who provide free to download CC0 licensed stock but only as lower resolution files apart from their higher resolution premium counterparts. Photo by Amateur Pic ( (download here).

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