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2016 Paris Photo – Aperture Foundation Photobook Awards

The 5th Edition of the Paris Photo – Aperture Foundation Photobook Awards recipients are chosen from a shortlist of 35 publications in 3 categories

… celebrating the book’s contribution to the evolving narrative of photography

THE FIRST PHOTOBOOK AWARD (first finished, publicly available photobook)
Winner: Michael Christopher Brown
Book title: Libyan Sugar
Publisher: Twin Palms Publishers

Winner: Gregory Halpern
Book title: ZZYZX
Publisher: Mack
Juror’s special mention: Annett Gröschner and Arwed Messmer: An Other View of the Berlin Wall (Hatje Cantz)

Winner: Wojciech Zamecznik
Catalogue title: Photo-Graphics by Karolina Puchala-Rojek and Karolina Ziebinska-Lewandowska
Pubisher: Fundacja Archeologia fotografii

The Paris Photo–Aperture Foundation PhotoBook Awards were part of the 20th Edition of Paris Photo which took place at the Grand Palais in Paris, France, in November 2016.


Grand Palais, Paris, France (above): By Dennis Jarvis from Halifax, Canada (Alexandre III Bridge & Big Palace) [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Jack Latham : Sugar Paper Theories

The publication and launch of Sugar Paper Theories by Bar Tur Photobook Award winner Jack Latham took place at The Photographers’ Gallery on 6 September 2016

Jack Latham is the second winner of the Bar Tur Photobook Award, which offers an emerging photographer from the UK, who is either studying or has graduated from a UK based visual arts course within the last five years, the chance to produce their first photo book with an independent publisher in the UK. Jack is a freelance photographer, originally from from Wales, and a graduate from the Documentary Photography course at The University of South Wales, Newport.

Latham’s winning project deals with a true crime case from 1974 in Iceland known as the Reykjavik Confessions or the Geirfinnur case. It involved the testimonies of six people who confessed to two murders but later argued they were suffering from false memory syndrome. The photographer explores the infamous case using a variety of means including archival police images, a suspect’s diary, portraits of whistle blowers, conspiracy theorists and expert witnesses in addition to snowy landscape images of associated locations.

Sugar Paper Theories is co-published by Here Press and The Photographers’ Gallery and is now available for purchase at

The Bar Tur Photobook Award was established with the support of Amnon and Armon Bar-Tur and family in memory of late wife and mother and British Artist Ann Lesley Bar-Tur who passed away in 1984. The video below shows philanthropist Amnon Bar-Tur and The Photographers’ Gallery Director Brett Rogers discussing the Award and what it has done.

The first winner of the Award was Angus Fraser with his project called Santa Muerte, based on his research since 2011 into the relationship between photography and death in Mexico through a religious cult of the same name dating back hundreds of years.

The way that he had shot the images really excited us because we could see that this wasn’t just reportage or photojournalism but this had the potential to carry many narratives

– Brett Rogers (The Photographers’ Gallery) on Santa Muerte
Blog pages featured photo credit (Reykjavík, Iceland):
Alec Cooks