Storytelling Through Photography

Storytelling Through Photography from Cronkite School on Vimeo.

Melissa Lyttle, who was elected president of the National Press Photographers Association in January 2016, discusses the power of photojournalism and how it relates to storytelling.

Melissa Lyttle describes herself as an independent visual journalist. Her main focus is on documentary work relating to social issues. Her award-winning photography has been widely recognized by organizations such as UNICEF, and she has been commisioned by major news and print media companies including CNN and Rolling Stone magazine.

Melissa also founded online photo community, APhotoADay, in 2001, which in 2017 has over 2,500 members internationally. APhotoADay is designed for photo students or working photojournalists with a passion for documentary photography and takes online form as a main website and blog.

Blog pages featured image attribution: Patrick Breitenbach on Flickr (CC BY 2.0)