Photographers Talk : Matt Stuart and Joel Meyerowitz

Photographers Talk : Matt Stuart and Joel Meyerowitz – part of the Leica Celebration of Photography 2017

Respected British street photographer Matt Stuart is a recent nominee for the Magnum Photo Agency. He has been shooting for more than two decades, mainly within his home city of London with a Leica MP film camera (and scroll down for video of Matt’s excursion through the city of Brussels with Leica’s new M10). One of Matt’s most recognizable contemporary street photography images graces the front cover of the popular book Street Photography Now (below).

Joel Meyerowitz remains one of the most revered street photographers of the late 20th Century, later moving to portraits and landscapes. He has to date produced 16 books, including Retrospective (below). In the video above, Joel talks about his journey from painter to a Leica M street photographer in the early 1960s in his native New York City. He and Matt Stuart discuss some of his best known photographs, including elucidating the merits of color. Meyerowitz helped pioneer color photography in the United States at a time when it had yet to be taken seriously in art photography. The Leica Celebration of Photography event at the Leitz-Park in Wetzlar, Germany, honored Meyerowitz for his lifelong work with a place at the Leica Hall of Fame. An exhibition of the photographer’s work can be seen at the Leica Gallery Wetzlar through 31 March 2017.

Matt Stuart seeks new challenges on the streets of Brussels with the Leica M10 camera having been one of the first to be given the opportunity to test it

Matt has remarked that the new M10 is very reminiscent of the Leica MP film camera he has been using for many years, also being discreet enough for his type of photography.

The M10 felt exactly like the MP that I’ve been using for the last twenty years. Consequently, the size and the weight of the camera felt very familiar. Working with a Leica M10 felt like meeting up with an old friend.

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