Tips for Easy Food Photography

Learn how easy it is to shoot food photography without using expensive equipment

Magazines, cookbooks and advertising clients are the main outlets for food photography. Any casual perusal of professional food images in such publications may give the impression that all of those mouth-watering images were shot using impossibly expensive cameras and lighting setups. However, achieving professional-looking food shots can be surprisingly easy and does not necessarily require complex equipment – as long as you know what you’re doing.

The “hero” (i.e. the main dish or food) photo which professionals refer to is actually almost always achieved using natural light when the shot is required for editorial use or for publication in cookbooks. Daylight from a window in afternoon light is more often than not an invaluable resource and it costs nothing. Along with that, simply knowing which part of the food that needs to be seen (which should also be the sharpest area of the shot), along with knowing how to achieve this through aperture control for depth of field, can mean successfully producing high standard food photography without requiring lots of resources.

There are many many food bloggers out there photographing food every day. You can be sure that most of them avail of the plentiful magazines and websites from which to draw ideas and insights. Food photography has also become extremely popular on Instagram, so with all these fantastic freely available sources of inspiration, there is really no good excuse to deprive yourself of the opportunity to do exactly the same as the photographers who are enjoying and successfully producing often stunning food photographs. Just be sure to switch off that on-camera flash before you start taking any of your own!

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