Kodak Ektra Camera Smartphone

Kodak Ektra Camera Smartphone is a reborn classic in the form of a real photographer’s Android-based device

The new Kodak Ektra is based around a 21 megapixel camera with f2.0 aperture lens. It also features a 6 axis optical image stabilization system, a manual shooting mode, and a Super 8 app to give a retro look to your (4K) videos. Buyers may also choose from a range of smart leather accessory cases to complete the classic look. And they can subsequently use Kodak’s own photo services to have images taken with the smartphone delivered at home.

The Ektra name goes way back to even before Kodak’s mass production of cheap 110 format cartridge film cameras. Readers of a certain age group may remember actor Michael Landon’s well known advertisements in the 1970s (below)! Now, the Ektra smartphone is Kodak’s way of keeping its brand going in a big-brand-name market with which it must endeavour to compete. The device has had generally good reviews.

Kodak Tele Ektra 110 Camera

Kodak Ektra Camera

Video courtesy MobileGeeks

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