How To Get Instagram Followers

Photographer Chris Burkard has attracted more than 2 million followers on Instagram and some of the keys to his success are illustrated in this COOPH video

Here are the video’s points of advice if you want to know how to get Instagram followers

  • Get away from only posting selfies … Go on adventures and look for awesome lighting.
  • Use Hyperlapse App and get speedy.
  • Or keep it chill with slow-motion.
  • Popular Instagram accounts are usually consistent with a specific theme … but it’s most important to have a signature look.
  • Pimp your shots with editing apps like VSCO and Snapseed.
  • The secret about Instagram? Great photography is important but so is great story-telling, so a great photo and a great caption = FIRE.
  • Add a location to your photo. This results in 79% higher engagement.
  • Go easy with the spammy hashtags … only use relevant ones. #Less #is #more.
  • Now that Instagram has launched stories you can connect with your audience in fun ways.
  • Search for hashtags you love … Drop comments and likes on other people’s photographs.
  • If you leave a thoughtful comment, most people will check out your account.
  • Look out for accounts that regram. Hashtag and tag them and you might get a shoutout.
  • Share your Instagram handle on your website … e-signature … everywhere.
  • Stop monkeying around with “follow-back” and “tags for likes” rubbish.
  • Also stop with the ghost follows. (Unfollowing people if they don’t follow you back) #fail
  • Stealing and posting other people’s photos is an #epicfail. Get out there and take your own.

Instagram launched Stories in 2016 – a new feature that lets you share multiple photos and videos from a day so that they appear together in a slideshow called “your story”. Your story then disappears from your profile grid or feed after 24 hours. Check out all the details for Instagram Stories on their blog.

Blog pages featured image by Webster2703 from Pixabay