Smartphone Apps To Sell Your Photos

Make money with a range of stock photography smartphone apps to sell your photos


Scoopshot is the leading platform for news media, bloggers, businesses and individuals to crowdsource photographers for assignments. They hire Scoopshot photographers to send them particular images or videos and then pay a fee for the content to the photographer. By requesting an image according to a brief rather than searching for it from existing stock image sources, it makes it easier for the client to get the creative result they want and also achieve it extremely quickly.


Being a Foaper means you are real person taking real photos and then making them available for clients for $5 each image, with no limit on how many times a single image can sell. Brands love to work with ‘the real world’ in this way and can build their image libraries based on this approach, including big names such as Sony Entertainment Network and Volvo.


With a similar philosophy to Foap, Snapwire enables those in the everyday world who love photography to make money doing what they love, and do so to the tune of up to $250 per image. Photographers start by submitting a photo for a Snapwire challenge with the aim of having it nominated by a buyer. If successful, the photographer then gets access to live buyer requests and commissions. Additionally, a photographer’s best images can be chosen for the Snapwire Marketplace for direct purchase.


Clashot is exclusively for DepositPhotos clients, but those clients number in the millions, are located worldwide, and usually pay up to $80 per photo. The more interesting the photo, the more likely it will sell. Plus, photographers can also get excited by the special Clashot Offers, where requests are made for specific images. The best images are then purchased for up to 50 times higher then Depositphotos prices.

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