Lessons From Photography : Jimmy Nelson

Valuable lessons from photojournalist and Before They Pass Away photographer Jimmy Nelson

Jimmy Nelson has beautifully photographed tribal and indigenous cultures across more than a dozen countries. His large format camera captures every fine detail of his human subjects against some of the world’s most breathtaking landscapes. Jimmy had his well-known book Before They Pass Away published in 2013, from which 100 images are available to buy as fine art prints, each including an authentication stamp and a certificate. He had worked on the book since 2009 and since its publication, Jimmy and his project have been published in over 1000 magazines globally.

In 1992 he was commissioned by Shell Oil to produce the book Literary Portraits of China (published 1995), which he did with his wife and subsequent business partner Ashkaine Hora Adema following a three year odyssey across the country together.

Also visit Jimmy Nelson Foundation where you can contribute to raising awareness on the way globalization affects our cultural heritage.

Controversially, Nelson found himself on the defensive about his work in 2014 following sharp criticism from the director of Survival International, Stephen Corry. Corry accused the photographer of ‘fictionalizing’ those he photographed in a Truthout Magazine article called Turning a Blind Eye to Pure Old Vibrations. Jimmy subsequently defended his work as the “subjective, creative document of the photographer” in Amateur Photographer, playing down the idea of his imagery as reportage.

Watch the video below for more about photographer Jimmy Nelson.

The first video above is also shared at PetaPixel.com along with several of Jimmy Nelson’s photographs.