New Impossible I-1 Instant Analog Camera

Bloomberg Design Conference 2016: Oskar Smolokowski from Impossible on Vimeo.

The Impossible Project CEO Oskar Smolokowski introduces the Impossible I-1 camera at Bloomberg Design Conference 2016

The camera retains the original Polaroid® format but is the first new instant camera system for that format since the 600 system introduced in the early 1980s. It also offers an innovative way to control the camera via a smartphone app for those who wish to use it as more than just a point and shoot, which include functions for manual exposure control and double exposures. The Impossible I-1 camera launches May 10th 2016 after two years of development (pun intended!), thus helping continue the ‘magic’ only possible with (instant) analog photography.

More than ever now this format makes sense … this is something that belongs in 2016

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