Christopher Herwig : Soviet Bus Stops

New edition of Soviet Bus Stops Photo Book by photographer Christopher Herwig

Herwig’s series garnered much international media attention, and the project has culminated in a deluxe, limited edition, hard cover photo book. The newest edition was published by Fuel in September 2015.

Most alien of all are the radiant Gaudí knock-offs in the disputed region of Abkhazia, where Soviet elites once took their beach holidays (inside one of these someone has written, ‘Bitches took away freedom’) – The Spectator

Christopher Herwig traveled many thousands of miles by car, bike, bus and taxi throughout former Soviet Union (USSR) countries in search of the region’s unique bus stops, having first discovered them while biking to St. Petersburg. These bus stops showcase former Soviet public art as well being testaments to the minds of those who conceived them.

The video below is the author’s more recent upload.