Robert Rauschenberg Foundation ‘Artist as Activist’ Fellowship

Robert Rauschenberg Foundation open call grant opportunity focusing on U.S. racial justice and mass incarceration

Robert Rauschenberg (1968)

Robert Rauschenberg, 1968.

Opportunity for United States based creative professionals including photographers – up to US$100,000 over two years.

Application deadline: 5:00 pm Eastern Standard Time (EST) on December 7, 2015 (free entry).

All details and application procedure at

The Robert Rauschenberg Foundation seeks to further the artist’s philanthropic and educational initiatives, and aims to preserve and advance global understanding of the legacy of Robert Rauschenberg‘s life and artwork

Image attribution: Jac. de Nijs / Anefo (Nationaal Archief) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons