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Live from Space: Astronaut Photography

Soundcloud podcast featuring astronauts Randy “Komrade” Bresnik, Paolo Nespoli, Joe Acaba, and Mark “Sabot” Vande Hei Recorded live from space on October 13, 2017. Astronauts discuss photography and the view of Earth from the

Storytelling Through Photography

Melissa Lyttle, who was elected president of the National Press Photographers Association in January 2016, discusses the power of photojournalism and how it relates to storytelling. Melissa Lyttle describes herself as an independent visual

Photographers Talk : Matt Stuart and Joel Meyerowitz

Photographers Talk : Matt Stuart and Joel Meyerowitz – part of the Leica Celebration of Photography 2017 Respected British street photographer Matt Stuart is a recent nominee for the Magnum Photo Agency. He has

Tips for Easy Food Photography

Learn how easy it is to shoot food photography without using expensive equipment Magazines, cookbooks and advertising clients are the main outlets for food photography. Any casual perusal of professional food images in such

Ira Block : Making Great Pictures

Discover what making great pictures is all about from American photojournalist Ira Block who worked on many global assignments for National Geographic Magazine Ira Block first shot for National Geographic Magazine in 1978 and