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Sony a6500 Mirrorless Camera with 5 Axis OIS

The Sony a6500 is the flagship APS-C interchangeable lens camera engineered for professional-level photo and video

The a6500 interchangeable lens mirrorless camera follows the release of the similar A6300 earlier in 2016, from which it inherits the latter’s hybrid AF system. Sony have announced the following highlight specifications for their latest E-mount model:

  • An enhanced buffer for continuous shooting of up to 307 shots (With “Hi” continuous shooting mode and “Fine” image quality)
  • In-camera 5-axis optical image stabilisation
  • Touchscreen control and super-speed AF with High-density Tracking AF Technology

As for the movie capabilities of the Sony a6500, check out the next video showing the camera’s amazing full HD quality, with which it can record at up to 100Mbps with AF tracking up to a frame rate of 120fps.