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Erin Shirreff : Halves and Wholes

Erin Shirreff Halves and Wholes Solo Exhibition at Kunsthalle Basel

02 September 2016 – 06 November 2016

Presenting works by the Canadian artist Erin Shirreff – her first solo show in a European institution. Halves and Wholes incorporates a new video, a series of photographs, and a 16mm film. The centrepiece video is called Concrete Buildings (2013-16), showing two pieces of architecture designed by Donald Judd. Still (2016) is a series of nine new black-and-white photographs. The 16mm film entitled Sculpture Park (Tony Smith, Amaryllis) (2006/13) is devoted to Tony Smith’s outdoor public sculpture Amaryllis (1965).

The exhibition is the artist’s seventh Solo Exhibition and follows her 2015 showing of Arm’s Length at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston, Mass. Erin Shirreff had a monograph published (below left), produced by three public galleries and which accompanied an exhibition featuring works produced since 2009. The second publication (below right), published more recently, is in the form of a catalogue and artist’s book, and accompanied the first large-scale museum survey on the artist. Shireff works with video, photography and sculpture, connecting the latter to how it is represented visually, and interrogating what images mean and why they matter.

Erin Shirreff : Halves and Wholes - Solo Exhibition at Kunsthalle Basel
Erin Shirreff, Installationsansicht, Halves and Wholes , Kunsthalle Basel, 2016. Foto: Philipp Hänger. Courtesy of Kunsthalle Basel, Switzerland.

Demonstrating the elegant stillness of a Giorgio Morandi painting, Shirreff ’s images are the result of extraordinarily extended exposure times, revealing assemblages of simple, almost Platonic forms and surfaces evocative of “sculpture,” bathed in light and shadow.