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Rinzi Ruiz & Jonathan Alcorn : The Zen of Photography

Street photographer Rinzi Ruiz, photojournalist Jonathan Alcorn, and the Zen of Photography in Los Angeles.

A particular environment can be one of bliss for a photographer. The zen of photography flows downtown for local street photographer Rinzi Ruiz, and on its beaches for photojournalist Jonathan Alcorn. Watch both of them in action in their favourite surroundings whilst revealing the philosophies behind what they do.

Rinzi Ruiz is a street photographer renowned for his interplay of light and shadow. Award-winning photographer Jonathan Alcorn is well known for his lead photos of the LA Times 1994 Pulitzer Prize winning Northridge earthquake edition. Watch these Samsung Imagebloggers’ respective October 2015 talks at PIX2015 in Seattle, below.

Videos courtesy of dpreview on YouTube