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PhotoLux Festival 2015

In November and December the PhotoLux Festival 2015 at Lucca, Italy, offers an intriguing lineup of workshops, portfolio reviews, Leica talks, exhibitions and contests.

PhotoLux Festival 2015 | EDIZIONE 2015, Lucca, Italy
November 21 – December 13

“Sacro e Profano” (“Sacred and Profane”)

The PhotoLux Festival 2015 edition concept inheres the eternal dualisms that characterise the world and man; the contrast between sacred and profane, good and evil, truth and falsehood, beauty and misery. Through photography, an inner journey takes place to explore a tension toward the divine in everyone. Simultaneously, it deals with the passions and feelings of the human terrain whilst not neglecting the in-between. The photographic medium unveils this duality and investigates its differing aspects and interpretations.