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England Or Bust

England or bust from gignouxphotos on Vimeo.

A photo documentary about the plight of immigrants & refugees attempting to avoid detection at Ostend Belgium as they set their sights on the UK

At the time of this writing, ordinary people in the United Kingdom as well as in many other European countries have been offering their moral and material support to the thousands of refugees from Syria and other oppressed or war-torn nations as a refugee crisis grips. This show of solidarity was particularly heightened upon release of video and still images in mainstream and social media showing the drowned Syrian boy, Aylan Kurdi, whose body was washed up on a beach in Turkey following a catastrophic attempt by his family to reach Europe via Greece. Only his father survived. This potent imagery touched empathic people everywhere, even to the extent of pressuring national governments to do more to ensure others just like Aylan and his family could be assured a safe, secure and welcoming place to go without having to risk their lives to attain such a basic human need.

Alan Gignoux‘s England or Bust documentary, made several years before the 2015 refugee crisis in Europe, in important ways foreshadows what we see now – a human dilemma now facing profoundly huge numbers of people fleeing their homelands and seeking safe haven and a future. Most importantly perhaps, and similarly with Aylan’s story, we get to see and feel haunting predicaments on the level of the individual. Alan’s delicate and intimate stills of two hopeful men – along with their voices – are powerfully set against the austere backdrop of a major Western European commercial port which ostensibly serves as a veritable limbo for these men as well as many others.

This documentary follows Alan’s other featured documentary on this website during August 2015 – Appalachia: Mountaintops to Moonscapes – where you can link to more details about Alan Gignoux and his important and relevant documentary work.