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Observe Collective at Iserlohn 2015

The international street photographers of Observe Collective at the Under Construction exhibition in Iserlohn, Germany, 2015.

In 2013 a group of friends, brought together by a love of street photography, decided to join together as the Observe Collective.

Observe had their first group exhibition, hosted by the Städtische Galerie in Iserlohn, Germany, in June and July in association with a juried free-to-enter street photography competition open to all via a Flickr group specially set up to accept entries. All shortlisted and awarded images were exhibited as part of the public event. The jury consisted of Richard Kalvar, Katherina Mayer, Sascha Schürmann, Rainer Danne, and Dr. Holger Rüdel. Members of Observe were not involved in the jurying of the competition.

The winners in the Under Construction competetion were:

1st place ( €500) – Jo Wallace (United Kingdom)

2nd place (€300) – Kimberley Britt Saros (United States)

3rd place (€200) – Ryan Tacay (Canada)

The Observe Collective members:

Marcelo Argolo – Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

Fadi Boukaram – Beirut (Lebanon)

Larry Hallegua – London (United Kingdom)

David Horton – Boston (United States)

Danielle Houghton – Dublin (Ireland)

Michael May – Iserlohn (Germany)

Oguz Ozkan – Istanbul (Turkey)

Jason Reed – London (United Kingdom)

Ilja Shtutsa – St. Petersburg (Russia)

Tom Young – Edmonton (Canada)

Greg Allikas – Miami (United States)

Larry Cohen – (United States)

Chris Farling – (United States)

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