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Yusuf Sevinçli Photobook – Walking (2015)

Walking is the result of the Turkish photographer Yusuf Sevinçli’s artist residency in Vichy, France.

Yusuf Sevinçli assumed the character of the wandering photographer, the unruly loafer who watches out for the offerings of the day and the paling of the evening, from a croupier beneath the pale moonlight to a soaking wet dog howling to the last ghosts of the night

– Excerpt from Street Haunting in Vichy in The New Yorker

Published June 2015 by Filigranes Editions »

Purchase information at Photo Book Corner »

Yusuf Sevinçli at Gallerie Les Filles du Calvaire 2013-2014 » (lots more information here »).

Yusuf Sevinçli on Tumblr »

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