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Konost FF Digital Rangefinder Camera

The Konost FF Digital Rangefinder is billed as the first all-digital rangefinder camera.

It will have a minimal specification with manually controlled focus, apertures and shutter speeds. A secondary image sensor allows a rangefinder patch in the viewfinder without the complexity of a mirrors and prisms set-up, thus making the camera the “first all-digital rangefinder” according to Konost. It will have a 4″ rear live view LCD display.

The philosophy behind the camera:

We envision a range of mirrorless cameras– light and compact in size, simple and elegant in design, solid but comforting in feel; all loaded with large image sensors, and affordable to the general consumer. A range of mirrorless cameras which can allow its users the full character and feel of taking a photograph.


Konost (meaning simple and pure) is an American start-up consisting of engineers and designers wishing to supply the market with simply designed compact mirrorless cameras, and are also inviting outside investment in the project.

The Konost FF digital rangefinder camera will have an aluminum alloy body, 20MP resolution, 30 fps frame rate, along with both Raw and JPEG capability. Pricing is yet to be revealed, but its aim is to be accessible, which may give Leica something to think about.